About The Company

Reginald Lewis, CEO/Owner

I got my start buying sea moss gel from a friend. I noticed the health benefits immediately and began offering it to my parents who suffered from different ailments. They felt the benefits also. I started offering sea moss to my entire family and close friends which led to the creation of this business.

Kei 2 Natural Health is not about the profits. It’s about helping you – our family ! We noticed that most people in our culture suffer from ailments such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, etc. As a member of OUR family, we want to help you make a change in a natural, healthy way, instead of being placed on a ton of pharmaceuticals.

Whether you have underlying health issues or just looking to begin your holistic health journey, Kei 2 Natural Health is right for you. Not only have our products been proven to work, but they taste awesome also.

-Reginald Lewis, CEO/Owner